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Thursday, January 29, 2004

duluth profiteering on grandma's back

even though we haven't officially heard whether or not we've made the 'registration cut' for grandma's marathon, we discovered today that nearly all the hotels are sold out within a 75 miles radius of the start of the race. calls to local hotels were regarding room availability were met with sarcastic laughs from the staff, leaving one to believe that minnesotans might be a little ruder than might initially expect. someone finally said that many people who ran the race last year simply reserved a room before they left town, effectively locking out any newcomers.

kris' sister finally found a place near the end of the race route that wanted all the money for the 5 day stay paid up front, with a $100 penalty for cancelling early. the race looks like it's a straight shot, so we'll have to drive 26.2 miles first thing in the morning. i guess that's a better option than the hotel that kris found 75 miles from duluth. all this and we won't know whether or not we're actually registered for the race for a couple of weeks.

5:18 PM

Sunday, January 25, 2004

i'm going to grandma's?

it's been a little quiet around these parts lately. i haven't been running much since thanksgiving. i took all of december off because i was wearing glasses which is a requirement before you get lasik surgery and i found the glasses uncomfortable to run with. and now, somehow january is slipping by.

i am "in the registration process" for grandma's marathon in duluth, minnesota on june 19th. grandma is a small marathon - limited to 9,000 participants - but it's popular and they have a byzantine registration process. you have to send them a request for a registration form, then they "open" the registration process by sending eveyone a registration form at the same time, which you have to fill out, send back, and wait 4-6 weeks to see if your evelope made it before the the participant limit was reached. last year the registration closed after "12" days. so i got the form in the mail yesterday and the apparently opended registration on january 21st, so i'm going ot get mine back in the mail and play the waiting game.

in the meantime, i've got to get myself out in the cold and start running again.

7:05 AM

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